Avanguard series safes offers protection for your valuables against burglary and fire. Designed in accordance to rigid international test specifications. Designed to resist various method of burglary attacks. Avanguard safe is tested & certified by SP Technical research institute of Sweden. Ideal for financial institutions, money changers, goldsmiths and other commercial applications

MOEM Avanguard Series Safes are the result of extensive research and development, which has become the hall-mark of MOEM Security Equipment. Designed in accordance with rigid international standards and test specifications to fulfill the stipulations of international banking and commerce executives, MOEM Series Safes are engineered to incorporate state-of-the-art design techniques and advance production methods МОЕМ security technology is constantly being designed and developed to offer the latest in improved security protection and high quality equipment. The third generation Avanguard Series treasury safe offers additional protection against torches and tools as a standard feature. Optional anti-arc barrier material is available upon request.

AvanGuard Series specifications are designed to resist physical assaults such as high speed drilling, oxy-acetylene attacks, usage of explosives and hydraulic jacks as well as other mechanical tool attacks.



Overall door thickness of 155mm, comprising a solid core of MOEM special formulated MT metal-mix thermo-alloy barrier material. This material is reinforced with anti-penetration bars and hardened chips encased between a monolithic construction of heavy steel press formed plates with a lock case, forming an integral part of the door structure.


Overall body thickness of 105mm, encased monolithic barrier of MOEM MT Metal-Mix thermo-alloy protective material reinforced with anti-penetration bars and hardened metal chips. The monolithic concept, referring to a single ast unit of consistent density, gives the body of the safe its strength and high security protective qualities.


A series of heavy duty solid steel 3 way full length running bolts measuring 38mm in diameter secure the door to specially reinforced body sections ensuring maximum protection against intrusion by mechanical tools and explosives. The safe’s back is anchored with a uniformly reinforced monolithic interlocking rebate system with a thickness of 155mm, providing positive protection. This system ensures the door remains shut and locked in the event of its hinges being cut off, or even if it should come under attack by explosives.


Emergency Relocking Device uses a live and dead relocking device that will automatically activate and seize all bolts if forcible attacks are made, especially by explosive charges or mechanical tools.
The live relocking device is designed for a parallel protection securing locking mechanism, while the dead relocking device is independent of the locks.


Locking system are protected by one key lock (VDS/UL Listed keyless changeable combination lock as standard. (Additional security has been achieved by incorporating defensive MOEM MST hardened steel alloy to secure the vital parts of the locking mechanism) 3 wheel keyless combination lock (1,000,000 combination variation) and a key lock.

*Other optional digital lock locking systems can be easily incorporated into the safe


The MOEM Avanguard Series Safe (GT Series) also incorporates the impressive Gyro-gearing mechanism to provide light, smooth bolt movement and allows maximum throwing of the bolts into the cup-formed reinforced section of the body.


Avanguard Series Safes can be fitted with an optional 24-hour depository system, an envelope slot, internal drawers, or gun racks with ammunition storage compartments.

Pro Logic
Mini Tech
TIME LOCK Time lock allows the user to set periods during which the lock may be operated, e.g. during business hours only. The options available will vary between locks.
2 Movement
3 Movement


Internal Drawers (Refer Representatives for Drawer Configuration)

Gun Racks with Ammunition Storage Compartments

24-hour depository system (front or back trap) Envelope slot • Internal drawers • gun racks with ammunition storage comparments • Anti-arc material • Micro-switch Alarm • Other special made



Avanguard Series is tested and certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden for 60 minutes fire resistance according to standard NT-Fire 017. The furnace was heated up according to standard time-temperature curve in accordance to SIS 02 48 20. Furnace temperature up to 1000°c.

Note: MOEM manufacturing process is certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

*Certificate available upon request *Certificate No. 466300 466301


Avanguard series is tested by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden according to EN-1143-1. Test includes various attacks or intrusion methods such as oxy-acetylene attacks, jack-hammer attacks, high-speed
drilling, sledge hammer and other impact tools.

*Refer representative for more details pertaining to test method and product.