MOEM Safe Deposit Lockers offer a unique method for depositors to store their irreplaceable items of value. Items of value may include important confidential documents, jewelleries and other items which may be sentimental. Safe Deposit Lockers are most commonly used in banks and hotels. Safe Deposit Lockers are usually placed in a secured environment that allow depositors to have a peace of mind.



МОЕМ Safe Deposit Lockers are constructed with solid steel to ensure rigidity of the door and body. Safe Deposit Lockers (Exterior door and body) are then laminated with stainless steel to further enhanced exterior look and feel. The chrome finish door hinge is designed with an interlocking system.


MOEM Safe Deposit Lockers are fitted with 7-lever high security dual control locks with 2 key holes. One key is for guardian and the other for renter or depositor. Both guardian and renter have to be present to unlock the safe deposit. To lock, only one key (renter) that is required. The renter key cannot be removed without locking safe deposit door.


All standard size lockers as listed above come complete with a steel inner box. Each inner box is fitted with padlocking hasp that enables the renter to use their own padlock for added security.


Pull-out shelf with magnetic retriever can also be incorporated as an accessory.

SDL 240505

No. Lockers: 24 Lockers
Locker Size: 5″ x 5″
Weight: 154kg
Dimension: W850mm x D590mm x H520mm


SDL 180310

No. Lockers: 18 Lockers
Locker Size: 3″ x 10″
Weight: 149kg
Dimension: W850mm x D590mm x H520mm


SDL 120510

No. Lockers: 12 Lockers
Locker Size: 5″ x 10″
Weight: 127kg
Dimension: W850mm x D590mm x H520mm



SDL 061010

No. Lockers: 6 Lockers
Locker Size: 10″ x 10″
Weight: 99kg
Dimension: W850mm x D590mm x H520mm